Zombie Chess

Back in 2008, I wrote this livejournal post about a game that my wife and I came up with, in Kafe Kerouac here in Columbus. Well, we weren’t married then. The post is still there, although the images aren’t; I’ll add them here (sorry for the lo-fi 2008 graphics).

The idea is that White plays with normal chess pieces that move normally, and Black plays with three rows of black pawns that move like pawns … with these exceptions:

  • When Black can take a piece, it must. If there is more than one vulnerable piece, Black can choose which one to take.
  • When Black takes a piece, that piece is not removed from the board, but becomes a new black pawn. So, the taking pawn does not move.
  • When Black gets to the far end of the board (row 1), that piece can advance to wrap around to the near end of the board (row 8). Only Black can wrap around.
  • Black moves one space at a time, even on the first move.
  • White’s rooks cannot take any pieces, and themselves cannot be taken. These are the trucks.

The object for White is to get the white king to the far end of the board (i.e., to escape). The object for Black is to take the white king.

Starting set-up: